Additional Information

Additional Information

NOTE: derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive polymerizes through an exothermic reaction. If the liquid derma+flex®  Tissue Adhesive is applied so that large droplets are allowed to remain without being evenly spread, the patient may experience a sensation of heat or discomfort. The sensation may be higher on sensitive tissues. NOTE: Excessive pressure of the applicator tip against the wound edges or surrounding skin can result in forcing the wound edges apart and allowing derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive into the wound. derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive within the wound could delay wound healing and/or result in adverse cosmetic outcome.

NOTE: Full apposition strength is expected to be achieved about 2 minutes after the layer is applied, although the top adhesive layer may remain tacky for up to approximately 3 minutes. Full polymerization is expected when the top derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive layer is no longer sticky.

NOTE: Do not apply liquid or ointment medications onto wounds closed with derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive because these substances can weaken the polymerized film, leading to wound dehiscence.

NOTE: Protective dry dressings such as gauze may be applied only after derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive film is completely solid/polymerized: not tacky to the touch (approximately five minutes after application). Allow the top layer to fully polymerize before applying a bandage.

If a dressing, bandage, adhesive backing or tape is applied before complete polymerization, the dressing can adhere to the film. The film can be disrupted from the skin when the dressing is removed, and wound dehiscence can occur.

NOTE: Patients should be instructed to not pick at the polymerized film of derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive. Picking at the film can disrupt its adhesion to the skin and cause dehiscence of the wound. Picking at the film can be discouraged by an overlying dressing.

NOTE: Apply a dry protective dressing for children or other patients who may not be able to follow instructions for proper wound care.

NOTE: Patients should be instructed that until the polymerized film of derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive has sloughed naturally (usually in 5-10 days), there should be only transient wetting of the treatment site. Patients may shower and bathe the site gently. The site should not be scrubbed, soaked, or exposed to prolonged wetness until after the film has sloughed naturally and the wound has healed closed. Patients should be instructed not to go swimming during this period.

NOTE: If removal of derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive is necessary for any reason, carefully apply petroleum jelly or acetone to the derma+flex® High Viscosity film to help loosen the bond. Peel off the film, do not pull the skin apart.

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