derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive is a sterile, Gel, topical skin adhesive containing a dual blend Octyl & Butyl formulation and the colorant D+C Violet #2. It is provided in a single use aluminum collapsible tube packaged in a RXM 48g aPET-200LDPE Film/1059B uncoated Tyvek* pouch also containing 2 Indothene HD Grade HD50MA180 applicator tips. The dauber applicator is comprised of a self-puncturing cap and a foam surface, which allows spreading of the adhesive with uniformity. The nozzle applicator is also a self-puncturing cap with an elongation that enables detailed application of the adhesive. As applied to skin, the adhesive is Gel like in viscosity and polymerizes within seconds.

derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive has a Gel like viscosity. The high viscosity of derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive is intended to reduce the risk of unintended placement of the adhesive during application due to migration of the adhesive from the wound site.

In vitro studies have shown that derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive acts as a barrier to microbial penetration as long as the adhesive film remains intact. Clinical studies were not conducted to demonstrate microbial barrier properties.


* Tyvek is a registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Corporation


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