For many types of surgery, derma+flex® can assist to help make recovery simple and more convenient.

derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive is intended for topical application to hold closed easily approximated skin edges of wounds from surgical incisions. This includes punctures from minimally invasive surgery and simple thoroughly cleansed trauma- induced lacerations.

derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive may be used in conjunction with, but not in place of, deep dermal sutures.

Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives have been studied extensively and when compared with sutures and other wound closure agents they have been shown to produce similar cosmetic results. Tissue adhesives save time with wound closure and are generally less painful to the patient.1

Suturing is a technical skill in which many physicians never develop any proficiency. Similarly, the application of a tissue adhesive is a technical skill that requires some instruction and practice to develop proficiency. With practice, tissue adhesives are easy to use and can be incorporated into a physician’s practice and closure routine.1

The derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive device makes application easy to use while cost effective for the health system. Each sterile pouch contains a foam dauber for the coverage of broad surface areas as well as a fine tip applicator for wounds that require precision application.

derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive requires only one layer of adhesive as compared to other 2 Octyl products that require multiple layers of adhesive. Since derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive does not use an initiator in its application the adhesive will not polymerize in the tip therefore allowing multiple uses on the same patient and additional cost savings.

derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive is practical for use on all exterior skin areas not under complex stress or tension, excluding hair areas of the epidermis. It is also appropriate for areas on the face but not in close proximity of the eyes. derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive should not be used in high skin tension areas such as knuckles, elbows, or knees unless the joint is immobilized during the healing period. If the area of skin tension has been removed by the application of another wound closure method (i.e. sutures, skin staples, or adhesive closure strips) derma+flex® Tissue Adhesive may be used.



1 Quinn, J; Tissue Adhesives in Clinical Medicine, Second Edition (BC Decker Inc, 2005)